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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We always adhere to and value our commitments.

Operating philosophy

Our services and investment activities are directed towards direct or indirect participation in the business processes and management systems of enterprises. In our role, we aim to enhance the operational efficiency of businesses. A commitment to legal principles and integrity in cooperation fosters a secure and trusting relationship between all parties.

Compliance with the law

Legal compliance is always prioritized in all advisory content as well as in the agreements of our business collaborations.

Compliance with commitment content

We value and earnestly adhere to our commitments with customers and partners. We strive to create and protect core values for our customers.


Our services.

01. Investment procedure consulting

We will provide consultation and carry out procedures for business licensing for enterprises, assisting them in complying with all legal regulations.

02. Business Law Consultation

We will update information on new legal regulations and policies, as well as provide consultation and guidance for businesses.

03. Accounting and Tax Consultation

Our service will directly or indirectly assist businesses in understanding and adhering to accounting and tax laws.

04. Audit Consultation

Our auditing activities will focus on services such as auditing financial statements, accounting review, and tax-related audits.

05. Office and Warehouse

Our service is to assist customers in finding the most convenient locations for office space, factories, or warehouses when conducting business.

06. Human Resources Service

We will assist businesses in having various solutions and excellent choices in human resources beyond traditional recruitment. Some solutions are becoming trends, ensuring timeliness and effectiveness.

07. Investment, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Our main activities involve advising to directly or indirectly engage in the control and operation of companies. Our human resources will be involved in part of the business management system.

08. Trade intermediary

We undertake commercial brokerage, authorized agency, representation for traders, receive commissions for buying and selling goods, import-export activities, and more.

Professional and experienced in each service sector

Why Choose Vinasc Group?

Assisting customers in understanding and complying with legal regulations.

We believe that investors, business owners, and operators all understand the crucial role of grasping and adhering to legal regulations.

We value opinions and agreements with our customers.

Our operating philosophy is to prioritize and adhere to fulfilling commitments with customers. These commitments are listened to, understood, and implemented in compliance with the law.

Customers will be satisfied with our professionalism and experience.

Knowledge, experience, and professionalism help us thrive. Integrity and adherence enable us to build trust and long-term partnerships with our customers.


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Customer opinions

I come from India. We find it very convenient for business operations in Vietnam when partnering with Vinasc Group. I feel reassured as Vinasc Group provides nearly all the services needed to support a business operation.
Shirley Parker
United States
I am the CEO from Italy. The thing I was concerned about when moving to work in Vietnam was the legal environment and the culture of the workforce. However, I am completely reassured by the advice and insights from Vinasc Group. We have been working together for over 5 years.
Terry Franklin
United States