Corporate Secretarial services in Vietnam


Currently, the administrative secretary or corporate secretary is a very popular position in today’s business activities.

VinaSC specializes in offering Corporate Secretarial services in Vietnam.

Our services will help foreign enterprises that have just started doing business in Vietnam, small and medium enterprises operating in Vietnam, reducing a lot of administrative work that requires either human resources, time, or money for businesses to focus on the core purpose of doing business and increasing profits.

Regarding the scope of Corporate Secretarial services in Vietnam, VinaSC will give advice and support enterprises the following contents:

Storing and managing internal documents of businesses:

Including legal documents of enterprises, subsidiaries, member units or affiliates, branches, representative offices, business locations, seals, charters, internal management regulations, meeting minutes, resolutions, register of shareholders (register of members), diplomas, certificates, permits, correspondence and other administrative documents of the enterprise.

Implementing labor-related procedures:

Consulting and preparing various types of contracts: Probationary contracts, labor contracts, notices, decisions related to internal operations of the Enterprise, etc.

Developing plan and organization process, participating in interviews (if any).


Informing and notifying leadership activities:

Carry out preparations (such as announcing and sending meeting notices, drafting meeting agendas, meeting contents) and participating in meetings as a secretary to draft meeting minutes and resolutions in the Shareholders General Meeting, the Administrative Council meeting, the Members’ Council meeting, the Board of Directors at the request of the enterprise.

Informing and noticing leadership activities to other related departments and divisions.

Notifying and providing information to government agencies (not included information related to Accounting, Auditing, and Tax):

Responsible for working with and notifying government agencies (when necessary) to provide information on materials and documents being kept and managed (excluding responsibility for the accuracy of materials and documents provided by the Enterprise as well as information on Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Tax).

Other administrative works in accordance with enterprise’s specific requirements

Why should you use VinaSC’s Corporate Secretarial services in Vietnam?

– VinaSC with a team of experienced and professional staff in the field of constructing suitable solutions according to the needs of enterpises.

– VinaSC’s Corporate Secretarial services fee is the most optimal, helping enterpises saving costs, resources and time.

– VinaSC always supports and consults the most appropriate solution for special requirements or concerns of enterpises;

– VinaSC commits the confidentiality of information related to enterprises, business activities and other legal issues.

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