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Vinasc Group will propose comprehensive solutions for the operation of your business.

01. Investment procedure consulting services

Consulting services for investment process and procedures

It is a service to assess and provide information about the business environment, overall content about state policies, infrastructure, strengths, limitations, etc., when investing.

Business establishment services

It involves providing and advising on the content of relevant legal policies directly or indirectly related to the specific business areas of the customer.

Consulting on business licenses, subsidiary licenses.

The content of this service will help investors understand the procedure, the implementation time, as well as the documents and preparations required for investment and business operation.

02. Related Legal Consulting Services

Consulting and updating information on new legal policies

We will assist customers in regularly updating to implement when the state changes policies related to businesses.

Consulting and Opening Bank Accounts Service

Our team will provide information and advice on suitable banks. We will act as representatives to open accounts and conduct transactions on behalf of the business.

Consulting and obtaining labor permits.

We will advise on the content and regulations related to procedures for foreigners wanting to work in Vietnam. Our team will draft and process the permit application.

We will provide advice and process temporary residence for foreigners.

Our service will advise and assist foreigners who want to reside in Vietnam in obtaining all necessary legal documents as required.

Our service will provide advice on visas and immigration procedures.

We specialize in consulting and processing visa applications for foreigners entering Vietnam for work, business, and investment purposes.

Investment Reporting and Supervision Procedures Service

This is a service that helps businesses with foreign investment operating in Vietnam comply with the reporting regime as required by the law.

Loan accounting service, procedures with the State Bank.

Our service advises and performs procedures related to the reporting of the Enterprise's loans with foreign partners to the State Bank.

03. Accounting and Tax Consulting Service

Chief Accountant Service

Our service will organize and maintain an efficient accounting system to control and provide the best information for management and reporting purposes in accordance with accounting and tax regulations.

Accounting bookkeeping service

Our accounting experts will proceed with record-keeping and prepare accounting reports as required. This helps customers avoid organizing a separate accounting department within their business.

Payroll and mandatory insurance calculation service

Our service will advise and assist businesses in complying with and performing tasks related to employees, such as salary calculation and mandatory deductions procedures.

Statistical procedures, other reports, and accounting department responsibilities.

During its operation, the business needs to grasp and comply with many procedures beyond accounting and tax that the accounting department must carry out regularly on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Tax Policy Consulting Services

Tax policies are constantly changing, and businesses may find it difficult to keep up with updates and comply in a timely manner. Our service will update and proactively advise businesses to limit risks associated with non-compliance or delayed compliance.

Tax Filing Service

It is a service where our team of tax experts will carry out tax procedures on behalf of the business. This includes calculating and declaring various taxes incurred by the business on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis in accordance with the prescribed content and deadlines.

Tax Representative Service

Our experienced tax experts will act as representatives for clients when working with tax authorities. We will provide data and explanations of the business's calculations and compliance to the tax authorities.

04. Audit Consulting Service

Financial Report Auditing Service

Our service specializes in auditing financial reports for businesses with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam.

Compliance auditing service.

The service aims to inspect, evaluate, and report on compliance. It helps businesses control and improve their management systems.

Audit and review services for tax purposes.

Our experienced team of experts will audit the financial and economic transactions of the business to assess and alert tax-related risks.

Accounting review service

Our service will examine, assess, and provide recommendations on compliance with standards, regulations, and laws regarding accounting. From there, we will offer evaluations, warnings, and solutions to improve accounting practices.

Advisory and implementation services for determining the valuation of associated transactions.

Our services include consulting and preparing documentation for market valuation. In addition, our tax experts will calculate, analyze, and provide warnings about risks and the level of risk related to transactions with related parties.

Audit and Conversion Services for Reports in accordance with IFRS Standards

We carry out the preparation and conversion of financial statements from Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to meet the requirements for submission and use of financial statements abroad.

Consultation and establishment of internal control procedures.

Understanding and assessing the risks of the internal control system is a mandatory procedure for every audit. Therefore, we have experience and expertise in consulting, building, and monitoring the operation of the internal control system of businesses.

05. Office and Factory Consulting Services

Office Rental

We have various options for office locations, catering to different preferences in terms of geographical location and office space. Please share your specific office requirements, such as Grade A, B, C, and the desired city or province for establishing your headquarters.

Virtual office for rent

Also known as the zero-square-meter office service. We will help customers with a legal address to establish the company's headquarters. This is a suitable option for small or temporary businesses when opening a company.

Shared office space service

It is a service that provides workstations with full amenities to meet the needs of office work. This service is designed to cater to small businesses with staff but without a fixed office setup.

Office space brokerage for lease

We are currently an agent, a development partner of many fully-equipped office buildings in almost all provinces across the country.

Consulting and leasing industrial workshop in Industrial Park

We are currently a leading entity in owning information on Industrial Zone Real Estate in Vietnam. Almost all industrial zones nationwide are our partners

Consultation and Construction Services for Industrial Zone Factories

Member units and partners of Vinasc Group will serve as consulting and construction entities for factory building projects in industrial zones for our clients

Construction License, Environment, and Fire Prevention and Fighting License

Our team has experience in researching and preparing documentation to carry out procedures for customers to meet the necessary conditions for business operations.

06. Human Resources Consulting Services

Provide, lease human resources

Our workforce and collaborators are ready to participate and fill the manpower shortage at our clients. This service is advised, guided, and guaranteed according to the service contract.

Labor brokerage, labor introduction

Headhunter, or headhunting service, is a choice suitable for high-level positions or those requiring high technical expertise. We are always ready with resources to serve and meet market demands.

Recruitment information service

Our recruitment website and internal channels will provide information about recruitment for both job seekers and businesses looking for and using information.

Professional and Vocational Training

We have a abundant workforce, and our team of experienced experts will consult, guide, and provide professional training for our clients' employees during the service delivery process.

Legal Representative Service

Our legal representative service is provided in cases where customers need to delegate and supervise certain specialized tasks. Our personnel will act as the investor, carrying out rights and obligations with state agencies and specific partners.

Authorized Representative Service

We provide authorized representative service as requested by businesses. In cases where investors are not present in Vietnam or have restrictions on certain activities, we will act as representatives to exercise rights and fulfill obligations for the business.

Short-term human resources services

In order to help customers take more proactive steps in human resources management, we provide on-demand short-term human resources services. Specific cases include maternity leave, during the waiting period for new hires, prolonged sick leave that requires medical treatment, etc.

07. Investment, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Business Restructuring

We accept commissions to carry out commercial activities in accordance with the interests and requirements of our clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

We act as a trade intermediary for parties to facilitate the buying and selling of goods, providing convenient service delivery.

Buying a business

We act as an agent for clients to facilitate the buying and selling of goods under their name, under certain agreed-upon conditions.

Selling a business

We have efficient partners and distribution channels, ready to act as agents for competitive goods and services in Vietnam.

Business Valuation Service

Includes services for appraising assets, valuing brands, and determining the business value.

Investment consultation for fundraising profiles.

Consultation and preparation of relevant data for the business plan, analysis, valuation of value, and scale of the capital needed to call.

Company dissolution service

Our service includes reviewing documents, calculating tax-related risks, and carrying out dissolution procedures with relevant government agencies.

08. Trading intermediary

Commercial representative

Our service is to consult or arrange human resources to participate in various aspects of the business operation to enhance efficiency. This service includes business plans, financial plans, and more.

Trade brokerage

We will evaluate, analyze, and advise on the integration plan to optimize the structure and management of the business.

Accepting commission for buying and selling.

We are ready to consider acquiring or advising clients on acquiring businesses, projects that align with our ecosystem for better restructuring and development.

Becoming a commercial agent

We can either have or proactively seek businesses, projects that meet the criteria of investors when choosing the option of acquiring businesses.

Promotional business

Includes asset valuation services, brand valuation, and business value appraisal.

Advertising business

Consulting and preparing data related to business plans, analysis, evaluating value, and calling for capital scale.

Exhibition, introduction

Our services include reviewing documentation, calculating tax-related risks, and conducting dissolution procedures with relevant government agencies.

Building a network for mutual development.

Vinasc Group is a leading consulting firm in Vietnam. We have always believed in our team’s capabilities and our reputation. This has been our strength and advantage in serving our clients for many years.

However, having an advantage in terms of geographical location, culture, and legal regulations in each country or region is crucial.

Therefore, Vinasc Group is actively promoting collaboration and building a network with reputable businesses in various locations.

Proposal for collaboration, business partnership.

Vinasc Group welcomes and is open to collaboration proposals from entities with similar fields and business strategies in Vietnam and around the world.

We embrace diversity in collaboration methods to harmonize and maximize benefits for our partners within the system.

All our proposals and agreements aim to provide the best service for our clients by enhancing the quality of our workforce, strengthening service quality control, and diversifying options for our clients.

Values and Benefits

  • We share information about the market and potential customers.
  • We share experiences and resources available in each area, with members of the system.
  • We can collaborate together or independently deploy various services and customers.
  • All of us together build a brand, a reputable and trustworthy image for customers.
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